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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sore, so sore

I guess that Yoga on Monday really WAS a workout - I am SORE today!

Last night was the last class of my 10 week Elementary Spanish class. AND - he gave us - GASP - a TEST!!
Oh my goodness it was HARD! I did ok, not great, not terrible.
We spent the rest of the class just talking in Spanish - him asking questions and us stumbling over how to reply.
Overall the class was great - it's really too bad that he's going back to Spain soon because he is a fantastic teacher!

A few of us went out for a drink afterwards which was nice as well.


I'm undecided what to do about the next course......................

Do I

1. Take the next level (lower intermediate) which starts at the end of April, and then take the final course (intermediate) which starts in the summer? We asked last night and he said that we do know enough for this next course, but should just do some vocab review before it starts.


2. Take the next few months to work on my vocab, then take lower intermediate in the summer??????

I dunno, I dunno......

What do you think - my Internet friends?

I need to decide fairly soon.....

But anyhow - more importantly - I am dressed up today. Because tonight, is the final part of my b-day present from Murray, a surprise!!!! AHHHHH what is it? I want to - no I NEED to know! All I know is that I am to meet him in Central London at 6...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


At 4:38 PM, Anonymous Marcus said...

You forgot about option #3 - Go to and download the Rosetta Stone Immersion Spanish Program and learn faster than those silly classes could ever teach you :)

At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Jessi said...

I think you should take the class right away!



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