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Monday, March 19, 2007


Ahhh what a lovely relaxing weekend.

Started it off on a high note with American Idol. It's great now that they are down to the top 12 because that means we don't have to watch FOUR hours of the show all in one night! Now it's just the hour and a half show, and the half hour final show where they kick someone off. What oh what are the American public thinking though. HOW did Sanjaya not get kicked off? Or more importantly, why wasn't his hairdresser fired on the spot? What in the world were they thinking - curling his hair up like that - that is NOT a man's hairstyle! Shame that Brandon went, he wasn't the best performer, but Sanjaya was much much worse. I read this morning in the paper that Howard Stern has a campaign going to try to get the public to vote FOR Sanjaya, because Simon Cowel said that if Sanjaya wins he will quit the show. Well that's never going to happen, so I think Simon's job is safe! If he wins, I promise never to watch the show again!


Saturday we just took it easy. Finished season 2 of '24.' Hmmm I didn't like the ending though - made me think 'Is that it?' We have already seen season 3 - so now it's on to 4 hooray! I also FINALLY watched the British cult classic 'Shaun of the Dead' which was very funny!

Sunday afternoon the rain sounded REALLY loud so I peeked out the window - and I couldn't believe it - HAIL! It was coming down like a snow storm. The whole sky was full - amazing site! It only lasted about 10 minutes, and WOW was it chilly outside once it was done!

Yesterday afternoon I headed over to The Escape day spa in Putney for a WONDERFUL facial! (b-day gift from a friend). Oh wow it was so relaxing that when it was over and I went to get up I had to sit for a minute because I felt so dizzy!

That afternoon Lorraine came over for The OC and dinner, and then my Dad and I spent an hour and a half on the phone trying to get our video conferencing to work! Eventually we got both the sound and the picture to work properly (on yahoo messenger) and I was able to chat to my Mom and sisters (and see my dog Minnie)! Although I think Minnie was a bit freaked out when I said Hello to her through the pc - she looked up at the screen with a confused face!

It is supposed to snow today in London - apparently. Just as it was starting to get warm - now it's cold again? Bummer. Although I don't actually think it's cold enough to snow - I bet we just get a lot of rain! BRING ON SUMMER!


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