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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


YAY some pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are from the weekend before last. This is Abby - practicing the move Murray taught her. Throwing her arms up and saying 'Superstar.'

(Based on the Saturday Night Live movie 'Superstar.' Awfully cute when Abby did it though!)

Super Star in the making!

(p.s. she's only upset at the end because he set her down - she forced him to do it for AGES - never gets old I guess!)

She was having a good time climbing on Murray!

This is only a short video - but I thought it was CUTE!

This is her favourite spot! Could even touch the ceiling a bit!

Chilling on the couch. I took this photo when I saw her throw her leg over Murray while they were relaxing - SWEET!

Random photo! My NEW fancy steamer!

From left: Birthday Girl Lorraine, her Dad Graham, Murray and Me!

I think Lorraine looks stunning in this photo - like a model from the 60's.

(please ignore me having a sip of my drink! If only I knew how to edit photos!!!)

Uncle & Niece - SUCH a great photo!!!!

The whole group! Lorraine, Dad Graham, Mom Kerry, Murray & Me

Silly Girls!

Ok and I MUST tell this one bizarre story! Last night on my way home, I hopped off the tube and headed towards the bus stop. And there - in the middle of the road (this is a street where only buses are allowed) was a man and his (about 13? year old) son sitting cross legged on the street. I heard him say to the boy 'The world will listen to us, we don't listen to the world. If a bus comes, it will stop for us, we will not move for it. Look, all these people are walking AROUND us.'

Ummmmm ok?

I just looked at them like they were crazy (like everyone else did) and stepped around them. I did keep an eye as I walked by though to see what they would actually do when a bus came - and of course they got up and scrambled out of the way.

How VERY strange though? What an ODD thing to teach your child?????



At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Marcus said...

Sounds like a little father-son peyote game to me...always a good time.

At 2:15 PM, Blogger Monique said...

Ha ha - maybe you're right Marcus. It was sure out there!


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