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Friday, March 23, 2007

Oh my poor muscles!

Last night I did something I haven't done in longer than I can remember (at LEAST a year +). I went to 2 classes - in a row - at the gym. And OH MY GOODNESS am I sore today!!!!! I don't think I've done that since before my wedding - which was the last time I was REALLY motivated! It was fun though. First, I attended Body Pump - which is weight routines set to music. It was fun, as usual. But then I also stayed on for Body Attack. No, it's not a combat kicking class - it is actually a VERY high impact aerobics class. You jump around and kick and run and squat until you feel like you're going to collapse. The way the class works is that you do 4 routines, building up each time, until you hit your 'peak.' This lasts about 20 minutes, then we do some cool down mat work (push ups, sit ups, etc). Then it's back to hit another peak, before collapsing on the floor for stretching. It's great fun! I really missed taking that class, thus why I did 2 last night. Oh WOW am I sore and tired this morning though! I think that's the latest I have got up to get dressed and run to the bus in a LONG time!

Luckily the bus was 2 minutes later than usual so I made it - hooray!

On the bus this morning, as we went by the American Car lot, I was commenting to Murray how I didn't like the shade of green on the suburban they had in the lot. The lady sitting next to him then asked 'Are you American?' I said yes and smiled, expecting that to be it, people don't talk on the bus after all! (not to strangers anyway!) But she was lovely and asked us a bunch of questions about why we're here, where I am from, etc. She's from Oregon and here for work, heading back soon with her daughter. So lovely to encounter nice people on the bus once & awhile!

So anyhow, I'm glad it's Friday - and I'm SO looking forward to the weekend (even though it's supposed to be rainy). And now - I must finish this post - as I'm so tired I can barely think straight:)


At 6:18 AM, Anonymous mom said...

Missed you on Saturday for a video conference. The girls', Grandma, Denise, and Jenny and I all went to Aveda for a Spa Day. Mariah, Denise, and Mandie got their hair foiled. Jenny got a dark layer under her hair *(like you had a few years ago), and
Grandma and I had facials. We were home by shortly after noon, but dad said you called and di dnot have time for a video conference today. We knew you were going out for dinner on Sunday with Murray. Don;t foget to give him our birthday present today! Love you. Mom


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