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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Oh I almost forgot - CUTE ABBY PICS!

I finally got these off of my phone last week!!!!!!!! These photos are all a few weeks or months old, but cute!

Murray and Abby playing superman (or should we call it super Abby?)

I'm teaching her well ! (checking out the shoe sales) She actually sat down and took her shoes off, then grabbed this red pair with 3 inch heels and put them on and tried to walk around. I quickly put her own shoes back on before the sales staff saw us! It WAS pretty funny though!

Cool chick in her hat & glasses

Abby and Murray working on their laptops

This was so funny! We were going to the post office when it started to rain. I had only brought 1 umbrella though. She's too heavy for me to carry now, and stooping down to cover both of us just didn't work. So I just gave it to her and I got wet. She looked so cute walking down the street with the bag holding the package we were going to mail & this umbrella that just towered over her. (I did end up asking if she wanted me to carry the bag, but then she held the umbrella down so low she couldn't see where she was going)!

This was our last Saturday together (when we babysat for the morning). I took her to Starbucks and let her pick out whatever she wanted to eat. Surprise surprise she chose this chocolate muffin topped with LOTS of white chocolate - it was lovely!

Chillin' at the coffee shop with her muffin and her baby chino (steamed milk with chocolate sprinkles)


Oh and how could I not include a photo of ONE of the Krispy Kreme's I ate last week for my b-day - lovely!

Last night I hit the gym for body pump. I had a bit more weight on my bar then I usually do which felt GREAT but made it so so hard! By the end of the class I just felt exhausted - I guess that's a good thing though! Man can I feel it today though - my arms are SO sore! (my little whinge of the day!)

Had to stay up late last night to watch ER. I missed this week's episode on Thursday cause we went to that concert, then it slipped my mind on Sunday night. I ended up catching only the last 10 minutes! So stayed up to watch it when it was repeated again last night. I just thought it was funny because on Sunday when I saw just the last 10 minutes Murray commented that if I had seen the whole show, I would be sobbing by now. I had to smile last night - cause he was SO right! Oh how that show makes me cry! Such an emotional episode last night - but also so great and uplifting - I LOVE that show:) Can I just say that I hate the new theme tune music though!



At 9:43 PM, Blogger Beth said...

The laptop computer picture is too cute. I love it!

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Drama Div@ said...

i like the first pic though.. its so natural...


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