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Monday, March 05, 2007

I wish I was a celebrity....

Just so I could get someone to blow dry my hair for me EVERY day!!!!
Ahhhh I had my hair cut yesterday. Nothing major, just a trim (although she did do a nice job of shaping it)! Gosh I love how good it looks when someone else blow dries my hair though - why can I NEVER re create that look? I slept very carefully last night with my hair down so I could make it last one more day!!! Ahhhh it's so nice to have someone wash my hair, and style it all nicely while I read a trashy gossip magazine - lovely!

I had a very relaxing weekend. Took it easy - ran some errands, watched some 24, and did a bit of crocheting, caught up with Abby & Eva.

We decided it would be nice to go out to dinner, and unfortunately chose tapas. We went to La Mancha in Putney. We have eaten there before, years ago, and it was always a good experience. I don't know if they have changed management or what - but it was terrible. The service was AWFUL - they wouldn't look at us at all, and it took ages for them to even remember we were there to take out order. Then they forgot one of our dishes, and tried to charge us for it. Overall, very disappointing - over priced for the amount and quality of the food you get, and terrible terrible service. Oh and most importantly on Saturday. After running my errands I popped into the shopping mall (always fun to just LOOK) and went into my favourite show store Office. AND SO EXCITING!!!!! They had the shoes I had ordered AGES ago back in stock (they hadn't had my size - cause the line had sold out so quickly). So I quick snapped up a pair in my size - and went home a happy shopper. They are my new comfy & cute work shoes - YAY!

Abby came over in the afternoon, and we had a nice time. She really has grown so much, even in the past few weeks. We coloured, watched Ice Age (AGAIN - oh my gosh - we have GOT to get some new kid movies), played with her baby doll and a stuffed cat! Eva LOVED that Murray taught Abby to stand with her arms outstretched and say 'Superstar' ha ha. And that she seems to always request one thing when she comes to our place 'Jump on the bed, jump on the bed!!!' I swear - we didn't teach her that (ha ha). When Eva got back from teaching she ordered pizza, and we had a nice time catching up while watching the American Idol finals.


At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Auntie Joni said...

and where are the photos of those new shoes?!
Were they an early bday gift??!!!!

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Monique said...

Ahhh Joni I was TRYING to steal a picture of them off the web but it wouldn't work! It's these....

But in Black!


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