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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Last night was my second to last Elementary Spanish class. It was good. He's such a great teacher, bummer that this is the last course he's teaching, as he's leaving the UK this summer:( I think I will take the next level though - lower intermediate - which starts at the end of April. I'll TRY to use those few weeks in between to study my vocab - which is my biggest weakness at the moment!

The bus is so weird sometimes. Last night on the way home from Spanish, I was sitting near the front. I saw a guy go up to the driver (who sits behind a plate of glass) and start yelling at him. He sounded Italian? I think? He was saying that he can't believe that on a bus with 200 people that the driver is driving without hands, and that he was going to report him. Ummmmm what? So of course I kept my eyes on the drivers hands for the rest of the journey - looks like he was doing a fine! I hate when people verbally abuse drivers like that though, it happens a lot - which is a shame.



At 11:37 AM, Anonymous mom said...

Bet you will be glad when you do not have to ride that bus anymore. You certainly have gathered your share of strange stories from your daily travels to and from work.
Love, Mom


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