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Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Kevin & Lorraine!

Hope you both have a great b-day! :)

We had a nice weekend....
Friday night - the usual - gym and then American Idol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm surprised about who made the top 12 - that Sanjaya should NOT have made it!
Looking forward to the 'real' show starting now that they are down to the top 12!

Saturday I spent all day running around doing errands.
That evening we met up with Murray's half brother Graham and his wife for dinner, and then we headed over to the Zoo Bar (where Murray and I met)! Niece Lorraine had an area booked there to celebrate her 21st birthday (which is actually today). It was fun, they played good old 90's music, and it was an experience (although exhausting) to catch the night bus home and crawl exhausted into bed at 2am!

Sunday I met up with a couple American friends for a knitting lesson! I was so tired though that it took me ages to understand what she was showing me. After doing 2 rows I messed it all up and couldn't be bothered with starting over, so I just went back to my crocheting for a bit.

When I got back, after throwing in many loads of laundry, we headed over to our favourite big meal for a good price restaurant - NANDOS! I love that place! It's a Portuguese chicken restaurant - you get SO much food for your money - it's such good food - and fairly healthy !


At 2:42 PM, Blogger Monique said...

OH and by the way
for those of you not in the know
Kevin is my uncle
and Lorraine is my niece


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