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Wednesday, March 14, 2007



Last night's Spanish class was EXCELLENT! I am so pleased I went! As usual I was tired on the way to class. I nodded off on the tube (but still made sure to listen to the announcement at each stop so I didn't miss my stop)! I felt tired and didn't want to go, but I did.

I was still upset about missing last week's class - got stuck at work:( AND I was worried that I would be behind after having missed a class!

BUT it turns out they just did some speaking practice last week, so I didn't miss TOO much! Last night there was only 3 of us so it practically felt like a private lesson! Fantastic!!! It was frightening though when he would ask a question and we'd all look down at our notebooks - pretending we were searching for the answer - then he would call our 'Monique - how do you say you got on the bus this morning to work?' AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SCARY!

But it was ok! I do actually feel like I'm progressing. Last night we learned a bit about the Future tense, which thankfully, is MUCH easier than the past (although I AM starting to get that a bit now as well)!

He did a great exercise at the end. He made us put away all of our notes (even my sheet of verbs - ekkkk). Then he gave us each a dozen pieces of paper and we had to write down verbs that we knew about things we do every day (todos los dias). So I searched my brain..... and after asking for some help I did eventually get 12 (to eat, to drink, to write, to talk, etc...). Then he had each of us say a few sentances about what we do during the day (using present, past and future tenses). It was actually really good. Forced us to think about how to answer without using a cheat sheet, and made us realize that we know more words then we thought! However it IS hard to describe your day with limited vocab!!!! But I suppose that will improve with time.

Waiting for the bus last night I saw some more Wimbledon teenage thugs. It's a lovely place Wimbledon - but they do seem to have a teenager problem. Time to ship them all off to boarding school I think! I saw a group of teenage boys run past on the other side of the street holding a hub cap that they had obviously just torn off a nearby car - nice. If they had hadn't jumped on a bus I would have called the police, oh well.

And that DARN DARN bus was so late last night that I missed the first 15 minutes of the OC. So we decided just to watch the repeat on Sunday night instead - I don't wanna be all confused! And after all, Jack Bauer was anxiously awaiting us anyhow. We're nearly done with Season 2. Oh my gosh - how does the president get out of this mess? Surely only Jack Bauer - super agent - can help! If ONLY witnesses would STOP DYING on him!


At 2:26 AM, Anonymous mom said...

Sounds like a very good Spanish teacher. A thick Spanish dictionary always helps, too. Buenos Noches. : )


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