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Monday, March 26, 2007

Birthday Monday!!!!

Two BIG birthday's today -

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Quite fun that Murray now shares his birthday with our god child Abigail who is THREE today!!!!

Me with Abigail when she was 7 days old!

Eva, Murray and little little Abigail :) Gosh how time flies!!!!

We had a lovely weekend.

Friday - American Idol night - of course. Great - as usual! It's SO cheesy - but I love it:)

Saturday - we ended up going out to lunch with niece Lorraine and nephew Justin. We haven't seen in Justin WAYYYYYYYY to long (he's been busy in the army!). It was SO good to see him and hear a bit about what he has been up to! Then the 4 of us went up near Tottenham Court Road to check out 'FOPP' the new cd/dvd/book store up there. OH MY GOSH - they have hundreds of cds and dvds and books for only £5!!!! Let's just say we were there for AGES!

That evening we went and saw the movie '300.' WOW - excellent movie - much better than I thought it would be!

Sunday we caught up with friends Heather & Jason for a very nice pub lunch. Nice to catch up:)

Overall - a LOVELY weekend. Cold still (yuck), but relaxing and nice:)


At 3:40 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

Such a beautiful picture of you as a blonde and Abby as a baby. The girls' and I all ooooohed in unison. Love you, miss you. Mom and M & M's


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