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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ahhhhhh my husband is such a trickster!

Last night was my birthday surprise.

I met Murray at Leicester Square tube station at 6 as planned. Then we decided do go to dinner at Pacifico - the Mexican restaurant in Covent Garden.

He had me all confused, because I asked if we had to be finished with our meal by a certain time and he said no????

Hmmmmm so we had a nice meal, and then walked back towards Leicester Square.

He stopped to get some cash, and told me he was waiting for a phone call from our 'driver.'


And he told me that the activity we were doing was somthing I mentioned awhile ago - of something I wanted to do???
Hmmmmm - stumped......

So at 7:30 we went back up to street level and he got the 'phone call' he was waiting for. He told me that the driver was waiting for us in Trafalgar Square so we needed to hurry down there. On the way we passed the theatre where the musical Avenue Q is playing. I commented that we MUST go see it some time, because I keep hearing form people how good it is.

When we got just past the theatre he turned to me and said 'So do you want to see it tonight then?'

Ha !!!! YES!

I said you trickster!!!! I THOUGHT we were going to a show - but he had me all confused! Telling me I had to bring ID, that we had a driver??? and the timing. Ha ha ha

The show was GREAT! Very contemporary - lots of interesting modern things that I've never seen in a stage show (tv screens, bubble machine, etc etc). It was MUCH ruder then I expected (I did cover my mouth with my hand a few times in shock at some of the songs!!!) and it was MUCH funnier then I expected (laugh out loud funny). I was VERY glad that we didn't see any children in the audience - very much an adult show. What a GREAT night though!!!!!!!!

My favourite character - Trekkie Monster. He was sooooooooooo cute - but oh so rude! ha ha


At 3:10 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Thats so great, I'm glad you had a fun time. And happy birthday!!


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