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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ahhhh isn't this picture just adorable? I loved this story..... cute:) We saw 'The Number 23' last night - bit disappointing I must say. I loved how the film was shot - very cool images. But the story was disappointing, just didn't draw me in enough, so at the end I didn't feel very attached to the characters.

Last night I couldn't do much at the gym. I seem to have done something to my foot - I don't know WHAT though! On Sunday it started aching, on the top of my left foot. By Monday it was sore enough that I just wore trainers (tennis shoes) to work rather than work shoes for my commute - and changed at the office into some comfy flats. I elevated it & iced it that night, but it was even more sore yesterday. I dunno - strange. So last night at the gym I only did arm weights - no cardio - and nothing involving my legs (other than stretching). It feels slightly better today, but I think I'll continue with the flat shoes & favouring that foot until it's 100% better before trying anything to taxing. Strange strange strange!


At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

Dear Monique,
Go to the doctor. Don't self diagnose your foot. You may need an x-ray. Take it easy and get healthy.
Love, Mom


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