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Monday, February 12, 2007

When Will I be FAMOUS?

Saturday we had a lovely last day of having Abby over for the afternoon. I took her in the morning to the post office and the library (my usual Saturday haunts) and then we popped into Starbucks. Abby picked out a very rich frosted chocolate muffin, I had my YUMMY Chai latte, and Abby had a babychino (steamed milk in an espresso cup topped with sprinkled chocolate). It was SO nice!!!! Reminded me of when she used to come over on Saturdays to our old flat. We used to go out in the mornings to Starbucks so as not to wake the other flat mates (the living room in that flat shared a wall with one of the bedrooms, so wasn't as quiet & secluded as in the current flat). But it was even better this time. Because she is old enough now to sit still, and can sit and chat to me! She came over and gave me big hugs and I hugged her back and told how much I care about her & how much I'm going to miss seeing her every weekend. When we got back to the flat she played with Murray, and we decorated some Valentines day cookies. Lorraine came by around lunch time and helped me out by feeding Abby while I prepared lunch for us.

I have some great pictures, but don't have them with me today - will try to get them uploaded tomorrow.

Eva, Ben & Abby - I hope your move goes REALLY smoothly today!!!! And I hope you LOVE your new flat - but really it's a house not a flat isn't it - how exciting! We can't wait to come down one weekend and stay with you and see your fab new place. But gosh we're gonna miss you guys!

Eva has become such a good friend. And I tell ya I really do love Abby as if she were my own - she is such a sweet little thing!!!! But I KNOW there's nothing to be sad about. They are moving to SUCH a great place that'll be so fantastic for them, and we'll still see them. They'll come to London and we'll head out the country to visit too!

Saturday evening Lorraine and I went to the BBC studios to watch a live taping of Graham Norton's new show When Will I be Famous. We were given FANTASTIC second row seats in the audience which made us REALLY excited! Then a producer came and asked us to move to the FRONT ROW to fill in empty spaces - very very exciting! However, it was too good to be true. Then another producer came and told us we were in seats reserved for family members of the performers and would have to be moved to the balcony seats. We protested, saying we HAD been sitting just one row back and that we had been moved. :( :( But we understood that we couldn't stay. Didn't mean we didn't grumble how unfair it was though that they had put other people into our old seats!! We got seated up in the balcony with big bars right in our line of site, big big bummer. BUT due to our grumbling, the head producer felt bad for us and asked for my name. He called up the audience booking company and told them to mark priority against my name, so next time we book we get front row YAY!

The show itself was pretty darn entertaining! The difficult to set up acts were prerecorded, but the rest was broadcast live on TV, very fun! The best acts of the night were the roller skaters who spun unbelievably fast on a small round platform, and the beat boxer from Brighton 'Beardy Man.' The skaters won, but we thought Beardy Man was the better!!!
(I got the tickets from the free audience booking agency - SRO audience - which is listed in my London links on the sidebar)

Later that evening we caught up with Murray and explored the Shoreditch / Hoxton Square area. It was fun to go somewhere new, and we went to a few unique places.

Sunday Murray and I went to the Natural History Museum to check out the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. WOW - fantastic - we spent a lot of time there - really really amazing photos!

These are our favourites.....
(click on the title below the photo for more details about the photos)

Turtle Grooming

Coconut crab going up

Snowy landing

The great mimic

(I love this one)
Rival Kings

(can you believe THIS amazing photo was in the 15-17 year old category!)
Eagle Snatch

Ahhhhhhh isn't he cute!!!

Human encounter

Ghost Frog


At 2:01 PM, Anonymous mom said...

Those wild life photographs are just amazing! Murray had to love that exhibition. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Mom


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