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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday I guess

Nothing much to report

We watched a bit more of '24' season 2 last night - ohhhhh it's getting GOOD!

Spanish class tonight - should be fun! I actually did my homework this week (well most of it, some of it I didn't understand).

I may actually leave slightly earlier today as well so I can have a bit of study time before the class starts, I can always make up that hour tomorrow!

Adios chicos!


At 1:59 PM, Anonymous mom said...

I do think the earlier seasons of 24 are much stronger than the later shows. Season 6 is getting tired, in my opinion. I also was enthralled with the beginning of the season, but it is feeling contrived, now.

Has your book club met to discuss any new novels lately? Have you started the Phillipa Gregory novel The Other Boleyn Girl, yet? That is an intriguing and addicting venue, too. Love, Mom


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