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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Last night we met up with our friend Debs and saw the movie 'Notes of a Scandal.' It was very well written. A clever, interesting and a bit distrubing story. However the acting was supurb - Cate Blanchett & Judi Dench were both great!

We got some 'Yo Sushi' afterwards. I do love the idea of picking your food out as it goes by on a conveyor. So odd - but kinda fun!

The other day on the tube a group of six ticket inspectors crowded into the carriage I was on. They went through and checked everyone's ticket. It just struck me as funny because I haven't seen that in a long time. And really, how do people even cheat the system anymore these days? I buy a monthly - so it's beyond me really. I guess it's those people who squish themselves up against the person in front of them while going through the barriers so they don't have to pay. So dishonest - I just can't imagine! They did catch one guy on my carriage and wrote him out a ticket and gave him a fine - shame.

Last night while walking down the platform at Earl's Court towards the District line elevators I glanced over at the departing train and it made me smile to see so many people with huge boquets of flowers on their laps. Flowers are not something you often see on public transport, kinda nice:)


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