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Monday, February 19, 2007


Had a lovely weekend.

Friday night we headed into the city to catch up with some South African friends. We ended up at a really yummy tapas bar - I love tapas!!!! So fun to be able to get so many different kinds of food in one meal!

Saturday I had loads of errands to run, but still managed to fit in a bit of shop browsing in our little local shopping centre. Saturday night we met up with some American friends for a meal at a 'Gastro pub' in Regents Park. YUMMY food and a very cute place - great company too - was a fun night:)

I also popped into the post office on Saturday to pick up my 'secret cupid' gift. I belong to a group of 'international' girls who support each other with day to day life overseas (or girls who are married to international guys). We decided to do a 'secret cupid' and send each other a surprise for Valentines Day. My gift came from a lovely girl in Brisbane - always fun to get things in the mail!

Sunday I met up with a bunch of American friends at a pub in Covent Garden. So so fun to meet up with people who understand when you gripe about visas, and exchange rates, and missing your family. They really are a great group of girls - I always have a fantastic time when we get together! Actually we're meeting again in a few weeks because we're going to start a monthly sewing group. Some of us know how to crochet (I can do ONE stitch only) some know how to knit, and many of us want to learn. So we're going to find somewhere that doesn't mind us dragging bags of yarn in with us and meet for a few hours to learn something new and chat at the same time - should be fun!!!!

This morning I had to go to the dentist - not fun. I did get there 45 minutes early though (for once the trains were running REALLY early) which meant I was out the door by the time I was due to arrive! However I must say I think that hygienist had it out for me. It was SO painful, actually while she was scraping my enamel off with an ice pick (well at least that's what it felt like) she said 'I'm sorry darling for hurting you, but it's necessary.' I think maybe she was punishing me for not flossing enough. Ok - lesson learned. However it was a good visit, no cavities - YAY!

And I thought I'd include this picture cause I think it's funny. This is Murray's water stockpile at work. He had been carrying one of these 2 litre bottles in every day, but it was just such a pain! So last week he went to a grocery store near his work and stocked up - I just think it's hilarious that this is piled up behind his desk though!

Oh - last night we went and saw 'The Last King of Scotland' as well. Great movie! I cannot believe that was based on a true story - WOW!!!!! Then I went home and watched the episode of ER that I had missed last week and there was Forest Whitaker again - he really is a good actor!


At 1:55 PM, Anonymous mom said...

What a lovely Valentine's Day surprise. Are the flowers made of those bath products that melt in the tub? So pretty. Glad you have such a good support mechanism. They have empathy with what you are thinking and feeling. I also loved the photo of Murray's water supply. It made me laugh. Good idea, though, reminds me to be drinking more water, too.
Love, Mom


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