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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hola ???

Last night Spanish was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO confusing!
Since we have passed the half way (5 week) mark now - he has started adding more new things rather than just verbs and vocab. Last night we started on - The Past! I know - doesn't sound like a big deal. But - oh - my - gosh - confusing!!! I started to get it a bit after we went through practice exercises in class though.

However, he started by doing a very quick explanation (mostly in Spanish) then told us to complete 3 exercises. I stared at the paper - feeling like I was back in advanced Math class in high school. I didn't know where to start - or how - oh my. I looked over at my friend and said 'I'm just pretending to work here - I don't know what I'm doing.' He agreed that he was doing the same - and when I glanced around the room I saw nearly everyone had the same deer in the headlights look. The teacher noticed as well, so started very slowly going through it out loud with all of us - thank goodness!

My head felt so full of new information last night that I felt like I could barely speak. (Hey - I did do a full day's work as well - it was a long day)!

Then at the bus stop, as I stood in the cold waiting for my ride home, a group of 6 eighteen year olds loudly approached. They were all dressed up - wearing no coats (burrrr) and very loud. One of them said loudly to the few of us standing at the stop 'When is the 93 coming.' We looked at them like 'what?' - someone finally said 'I don't know - I've been waiting here 5 minutes.' Hmmmm as if we know? A few minutes later the bus came - and they stood in a group blocking the way to the bus - but not getting on themselves. I gently pushed the shoulder one of them saying 'Excuse me, I need to get on' I thought maybe they had changed their minds or something. You can't just stand there - either get on or get out of the way - bus drivers do NOT stay at stops for long. I got on first, then a few other people got on the bus. Which allowed me to have a prime view for when they actually did get on. Turns out they were actually scamming - only a few of them had money - or at least WANTED to pay for a fare. So the others squeezed by saying 'oh I'll just go borrow two pounds from a friend' or 'where's my bus pass hmmmmm' as they quickly ran upstairs to the upper deck. Of course the driver didn't care and let them. That made me mad. Just yesterday I read an article about how much fare dodgers are costing the rest of us in fare increases every year. If they had been boys, or older, he wouldn't have let them get away with that. I have seen it happen before where the driver will shut off the bus, and say he won't drive on until they come back to him and pay the fare for their journey.

Anyhow, so once they all got in - I looked at the lady across from me - she rolled her eyes and we had a little chat.

Lady: 'They were blocking my way to get on.'
Me: 'I know - so rude.'
Lady: 'They are all dressed up like they think it's Saturday night'
Me: 'I know - it's TUESDAY! geez'

Ok yes - I officially feel old - I know I'm only 28 next week - but geez - it's Tuesday people. Not a night to go out and annoy people on public transport. A night to come home and collapse after work and relax. Last night I read a funny thing in my book, about how young people think of the week as the time to recover from the weekend, and older people think of it in the opposite way - SO true!

Counting down - only 6 more days until - hmmmm well I can't really say late 20's can I? Since I'm already there. Well I guess it's 6 more days until I'm only 2 years away from 30 - oh dear!


At 4:00 PM, Blogger andrea said...

I am sorry you had to go through that - the one drawback to Wimbledon is the obnoxious teenagers like that. I hate the bus between about 3 and 6 everyday!

Oh and the Spanish will get easier :)

At 12:56 PM, Anonymous mom said...

Astute comment about how teens and adults see the weekend from different vantage points. The problem with those guys is that they get away with cheating and feel that it is their right to perpetrate penny crimes. Some people see rules and regulations as suggestions. That leads to a blatant disregard for the law and other peoples' rights. Sooner or later their bad choice making will catch up with them. Carry on!! Love, Mom


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