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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ahhhhh my Murray

We had a wonderful Saturday with Abby. Eva & Ben & Abby are moving out of London next week :(
They are moving to a fabulous cottage an hour out of London (we are SO coming to visit)! We are very happy for them - new & exciting things - great jobs, gorgeous home, big lovely garden!!! Although we are going to miss them terribly! It has been SO fantastic the last 6 months since we have been living just down the road from them. It's been great to get to see them more, and to really get to know this little person who's personality is starting to come out. Eva & Ben have done a great job - she is such a lovely little girl - and really fun now that she can talk to us and understand conversations.
When she first came in in the morning she looked at me and asked (as she always does) 'Where's Mooree'?' I answered 'he's sleeping' she said 'oh ok.' Then tiptoed into the living room - too cute.
Since this was our last big Saturday alone with her we thought we'd take her out to the Science Museum.

'Mooree's red shoes'

'I see my Mooree' (saying My Mooree was new this week, but I'm still just Neek)
Silly girl - riding on the bus
Abby & Murray in the 'inventions hall' at the Science Museum.

Checking out some of the hands on experiences in the children's area

Drawing on the kaleidoscope creator

The under 8 area was FUN!

Silly girl - waiting in line for lunch

Goofy faces
I think she likes the camera
This is a VERY Abigail pose - ha ha - so cute!

Yummm some freshly squeezed juice
And ice cream! (this is how we bribed her to eat her meal - the promise of ice cream!)
Yummmmm (she saw the ice cream man truck on the way to the restaurant and from then on whenever we saw ANY truck she was convinced it was the ice cream man - so we had to keep our promise - ice cream for dessert - YUMM)

She was very good about sharing 'One for Abigail, one for Moreeee, one for Neek'
The nose biting game was funny until Murray's nose did get a bit of a nip - ha ha!
Cool sunglasses girl on the train

Chilling out on the train
And play time back at the flat!

When we got back to the flat we curled up on the couch to watch the movie 'Ice Age' (for the billionth time - it's the only kid's dvd we have). But not before Abby took control of Mooree's camera and took about 50 pictures of him, it was hilarious! She really was so funny this weekend, really had a lot of personality and so so sweet.



At 10:24 AM, Blogger andrea said...

She is so cute! My nephew loved the Science Museum when he was here, it is so nice that they have it and it is free!


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