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Thursday, February 08, 2007

10,000!!!! WOW!

Yesterday I hit a blog milestone - 10,000 hits!

WOW ! I started blogging in April of last year, and now it has become an addiction!

I have a little tracker that lets me know where people who are reading about me are from - and I was amazed when I counted up that people from 65 countries have visited this blog!!!!

Isn't that amazing?

UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, France, Canda, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Albania, Belgium, China, Slovakia, Finland, Denmark, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Norway, Malaysai, Argentina, Japan, Thailand, Hungary, Russia, Brazil, Ghana, Indonesia, United Arab Emitrates, Taiwan, Iceland, Austria, Korea, Egypt, China, Poland, Phillippines, Solvenia, Israel, Iran, Guatemala, Latvia, Romania, Morocco, Angola, Lebanon, Domenican Republic, Czech Republic, Gabon, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Kenya, Venezuela, Peru, Bulgaria, Croatia and Chile.



At 6:51 AM, Anonymous mom said...

Darling photo!


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