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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sólo Jueves?

Only Thursday?
I wish it was Friday!

Spanish on Tuesday night was good. There are only 6 of us in the class which is great! However from the start he ONLY spoke Spanish. After looking at us staring back at him with wide eyes & not much understanding he did a bit of translating. He said he is going to try to speak mostly in Spanish during the class & we are expected to do the same. It made the class SO interesting, and I feel like I learned a lot just from those 2 hours!!! Now if I bulk up on my vocab studying on the weekends I think I might actually be able to progress a bit towards knowing how to speak properly! Also at the end of the class he gave us each a cd and a packet of lyrics - a dozen Spanish songs. He said he likes to end each class with one song. We read through the lyrics of a song, then watched the music video on his laptop - great way to end the class!

Last night I hit the gym before Murray & I went to see Rocky. While I was running on the treadmill my ear suddenly hurt - I thought that was strange so took off my head phones until I was done sprinting. While walking I put my headhphones back in & it was fine. Next time I started to sprint my ear hurt again - I reached up to might right ear and the headphone shocked my hand - OUCH! Turns out it had been shocking my ears too! I guess it must be really dry in the gym & staticy!!! Ah well.

Bring on Friday!!!!!

AND..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin Jolie :)


At 3:19 AM, Anonymous Jessi said...

Niquey, you are an overachieving geek! Love ya, Jessi


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