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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Now - It's Winter

Although the temperatures seem to still be quite 'warm' for January (around 10c, 50f), the wind chill is definitely picking up! This morning while I was running for the bus the wind nearly knocked me over - I couldn't believe how strong it was!

I have a TON of work to complete again today, so just quickly. The OC premiere was on this week - fantastic! Although now I know this is the last season, I'll still watch it. Seems like now with Marissa gone it might just get interesting! Also, I've decided to cut down on what shows I watch (so it isn't every night) - so for this season I am watch only 2 - The OC and ER. (dvds don't count of course - still need to start on box set 1 of the show 24:)


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