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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Monday Again.....

Had a nice weekend:) Murray and I started our joint New Year's resolution this weekend - to do more things in London and really start experiencing the city. We went to the National Portrait Gallery to see The Photographic Portrait Prize 2006. It was excellent! Some gorgeous portraits, some strange ones, and a few rubbish ones. But overall, very good! Then we went out for a yummy Mexican dinner!

Sunday we caught up with Eva & Abby in the morning - Abby was up for LOTS of playing. Her favourite words of the moment seem to be 'Again again again' and 'No.' She's still gorgeous as ever though!

Pants (underwear) on the head - a good look!

Me with Abby in her armchair tent

Murray and Eva with their new toys - Murray's cool new Pumas & Eva's new laptop!

Cutie in the tent!

And time for a nap

Ahhhhs so precious :)

Sunday afternoon I went to the ballet with Heather. We saw Alice In Wonderland performed by the English National Ballet. GORGEOUS costumes and stunning dancing - I really loved it! It really is a bit hard to follow a show with no speaking though I must say! Although, they did some of the scenes really really well - I loved the mad hatter scene!



hope you have a great day!


At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Helen said...

I got IT to come and fix the sound on my computer and now I am loving all the videos. Have gone back and watched all the others! Even the IT guy said "wow, she is so cute!"

Loving the tent.

At 2:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, Again...Is Abby a Teletubbies fan??


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