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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mexico Monday

Well today officially Winter has come to London. Last week when it was 15c (60f) I thought maybe the seasons had got confused - this IS January isn't it? However, today it's back to a chilly 4c (38f) - burrrrr!

I feel like what I mostly did this weekend was loads of laundry and cleaning. I had fallen behind because I worked last weekend and I swear I did a dozen loads of laundry (that's what happens when you have a tiny European washing machine)!

Saturday Abby was sick, so she stayed home with her Dad. Saturday night we went over to Heather & Jason's new place for a great dinner! Was nice to see their new place and to catch up on what they've been up to:)

Sunday Murray worked all day, I stayed home to do laundry and clean - fun fun!

I have a very busy schedule this week, so need to get started.
I honor of this chilly weather - here are some Mexico videos from Christmas that I uploaded to you tube last night:)

Grandma's Birthday - Christmas Eve 2006 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dinner at an authentic Mexican Restaurant

Diving - I have the pink fins, dad has the bright blue fins & the close up is of Marcus (the moaning you can here is Murray - his ears were hurting)

Puffer Fish

More diving....

Murray Para sailing with great views of Puerto Vallarta

Crazy cab ride up the hills to a restaurant for dinner!

A rainy last night out at a hilltop restaurant - with a great view!



At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Steve. said...

It seems you guys have finally got some cold weather and we have got our hot weather, 44c (112f) last Sat & Sun and forcasting 35c (95f) for the rest of the week!! Don't you wish you lived in Oz now.

At 12:29 PM, Blogger Monique said...

Thanks a lot Steve


my scarf, hat & gloves didn't even feel warm enough this morning, i think tomorrow I will break out the BIG WARM winter sweater


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