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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I have moved.....


Well, almost. Turns out no one could solve the cold air conditioner pointing right on my desk problem. So I asked the guy who sits next to me (who also has another desk & is barely ever here) if we could switch desks. He said no problem!

So IT came by thing morning and moved my PC, and I switched all the stuff in our desk drawers. Then the IT guy took off, and when I tried to log in it didn't work! Turns out the network connection at that desk is faulty, so they need to get a longer cord for me to connect up. SO the IT guy came back, moved my PC back to my old desk, and I'm awaiting a new longer orange cord. YAY!

I just finished reading the 12th book in the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series. I LOVE her writing! I just fly through those books because they are so well written & with such interesting stories. My auntie got me into them, and I am now officially an Evanovich addict. I believe I have now borrowed every book that our borough library has by her, and I can't wait until number 13 comes out here! The Stephanie Plum series is the main series she write (#1 best sellers!) based on a character who is a hopeless bounty hunter, and her friends & family. However, she also has a number of romance novels and other comedy crime solving novels!

I also just finished reading We Need to Talk About Kevin. The first third of the book really got me down and I found it really hard to read and follow what was going on. However, I was told by a friend that it got better - so I continued on. And it did get better, very very interesting, shocking ending, with lots of unanswered questions in the end to think about. It's the story of a Mother - the whole book is her writing letters to her husband about their son Kevin who committed a school massacre. Not the most uplifting book, but very very interesting.

AND last night we saw Apocalypto. Oh. My. Gosh. It was incredibly engaging, amazing acting, fantastic costumes, an epic amazing movie. It's the story of love and courage in the Aztec time. I won't give too much away, but WOW. It's bloody, and all in subtitles, but you get so engrossed it feels real. People were throwing their hands up in the theatre yelling for the main character to keep running, people were groaning and at times yelling out loud, I was biting my nails. Go and see it!

Now, back to work - I still have a TON to do!


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