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Monday, January 29, 2007

Another lovely London Weekend.....

Had a lovely weekend. Saturday was great - Abby came over to play. Murray entertained her with sock puppets (it just NEVER gets old). We had some really cute videos of the sock puppets (she was covering them in blankets - also know as tissues so they could sleep), but you tube wouldn't let me upload them because they were too big:( She also had quite a vocabulary this weekend - we were impressed with not only how much she is talking now - but also how much she can say & understand!

Saturday evening we decided to head into central London to see what we could find to do last minute. We ended up at a comedy show which was fun. The lead comedian was really witty and spent most of his time picking on the audience, but it was funny. Afterwards we grabbed dinner at a unique little Moroccan place - which I had never noticed before - but it is right next to The Ivy (a restaurant where you always here about the stars eating at while they are in London).

Sunday we decided to check out a market we had never been to before - Spitafields Market near Liverpool Street. It was a unique mix of funky clothing stalls & food. Fun to look around! We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, Murray taking photos, enjoying the mild day, and a bit of Oxford Street shopping.

My legs are aching today after all that walk (5+ hours!!!) but it was fun to do something new!


At 11:55 AM, Blogger Beth said...

I love those kind of surprise weekends. Sounds like it was a blast.


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