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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Almost Friday?

Still feeling knackered from the jet lag, last night I was still wide awake at midnight - which means I'm feeling VERY sleepy today. I'm not too happy with this new office either. There are some good things, but other bits are harder to get used to. There's no silverware in the kitchen, so I end up having to go get plastic stuff from the canteen which isn't fun. I brought in a mug yesterday, as there aren't any here now (because it's not just our team now, it's a huge floor with tons of teams). I got here this morning and MY mug that I had cleaned last night and left on my desk was gone, and not in the kitchen cupboards, or the dishwasher. What - did someone just take it home? How annoying. Good thing I brought an old one, will bring another one tomorrow and from now on will lock it in my desk when I leave at night. I also had to had a plain salad yesterday as there was no can opener for my tuna in the kitchen. I have one today - which of course will be locked away in my desk drawer tonight!

Ok - enough complaining. Oh no - one more thing. They tried to freeze me to death yesterday! A few of the guys decided it was too warm in the office, so they cranked down the air conditioning and of course one of the vents blows RIGHT on me! So I sat shivering for awhile before asking them to turn it up a bit. Although it still feels FREEZING! Today I have a t-shirt, a sweater and a fleece jacket on and I'm feeling much better:)

And it's almost FRIDAY!

Thanks goodness!

I took a photo of this painting in (it think???) Heathrow airport - I thought it was quite a cute picture of Australia & New Zealand:)


At 9:27 PM, Anonymous dad said...

Cold at work? We're all warm here :-) Wish you were still here. Mike, Megan and Mariah went home last night, no problems. Oh-oh, Margarita time!



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