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Monday, January 22, 2007

Ahhhhh how could I forget?

American Idol premiered in the UK on Friday night.
Yes - I admit it - I watched all 4 hours - 2 hours of Minneapolis auditions, and 2 hours of Seattle auditions.

I was a bit embarrassed by most of the Minnesotan contestants - a bunch of VERY strange people (and a FEW good ones). Simon ended up calling it 'Minnehopeless.'


There was a guy from my HOME TOWN on the show though - which I thought was hilarious because I come from such a small town. (he wasn't any good either)

And I must say - WHAT was wrong with Paula Abdul???? She was fine during the Seattle auditions - but during the Minneapolis show she looked extremely out of it. She was on something that's for sure. She could barely speak and slurred when she did manage to say something. At one point it looked like she nearly slid off her chair. I don't know if it's the fame or what, but lately Paula seems to be having issues having issues. Thank goodness they had Jewel there to judge as well, since Paula was a mess!

I LOVE American Idol though -so glad it has started up again!


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