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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ahhhh 2007

Well I'm starting to recover from jet lag now which feels good.
Murray and I have been feeding our new '24' addiction lately - and WOW is it good! My brother Marcus brought season 3 with him to Mexico - and within a few days we were hooked. So we picked up the box set at Target and brought it back with us. We'll finish this season, then go back and watch 1 & 2 (which Mom gave Murray for Christmas). It's like 24 movies - action packed, always ending on cliff hangers - an EXCELLENT show!

Other than that, I've made my usual New Year's Resolutions.
Healthy Eating
Going to the Gym
Getting Fit

But this year I am REALLY going to do it! I've started off well, and once I get over this jet lag will get back to the gym and make it a habit! As for now - my goal is just to get our suitcase unpacked!

One funny Mexico story. We were sitting in the square having dippin' dots (yummy little ice cream balls) and a big truck went by hauling a flat bed trailer with 3 camels on it!!!! They were advertising for the circus which was in town. Those poor camels looks so miserable and cramped - it was terrible! The next day we saw them hauling a cage with leopards! Three black and three spotted! The bars were SO wide as well - wide enough for them to hang their paws out - right by the sidewalk. Oh my gosh - I've never seen anything like that in my life!

Oh and while we were very very briefly in Minnesota, we were able to catch up with auntie Joni and uncle Kevin and their sons Johnny and Kyle (and also auntie Jani)! Was great to see them and have a good old American breakfast at Perkins! It's a bummer our time there was so short, we would have loved to see other family and my friends, but there just wan't time. Next time for sure!


At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Dad said...


We all looked at the pictures down here, miss you already, wish you could have stayed longer. Can you have Zac send the first photo of the condo from the parachute in high resolution to Marcus.



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