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Monday, October 16, 2006

Is October really almost over?

Wow time flies. I can't believe it's mid October! This weekend we were outside a lot, and I couldn't believe how nice it was - for October!!!! Stayed around 20c (70f) all weekend which was lovely!!!

Saturday Abby came over. When I went down to meet her and Eva at the door she saw me from across the street and yelled 'HI NEEK.' Ahhhh cute. When we got upstairs she turned to me and said 'Where's Mooreee.' I told her he was sleeping, she accepted this answer, and we settled down in the living room to play with her toy farm she had brought. Had a lovely morning with he! We didn't go outside though because I didn't want her to get dirty or bump her head again as I knew they were going straight to church when Eva came to pick her up.

Her hair is getting so long & pretty!

Once this game gets going all we hear for ages is 'again - again!'

We watched the Wizard of Oz (cause if I have to watch Ice Age one more time I may flip out)! She really liked it and sat quietly on my lap watching it with me (which was pretty impressive).

This things squirts air (it's to clean a camera lens). She loves it though and calls it 'spots.' She pokes it on your 'spots' (birthmarks or whatever) and squeezes the air out to try to get rid of them for you - ha ha!

Abby holding the cow in leiderhosen that we got her in Germany.

She named him 'Baby Moo Cow.'

In the afternoon she ran into our room and said to me 'Neek - Drums.' I said no, you have to ask Murray - they are his drums. So she ran into the living room yelling 'MOOREEE drum peas' (that's please - ha ha). Mid drum session she turned to Murray and said 'I love drums.' Which we thought was hilarious. Sorry for all the play by play of what she said, but it's still a novelty for us because she's only REALLY started speaking a lot in the last few weeks:)

Abby jamming on the drums (please disregard the messy room in the backroom - opps!)

After Eva picked her up we headed into High Street Kensington for some shopping. We ended up buying each other our xmas gifts. I know it's early, but oh well, at least we both got things we actually want (cause we're both pretty picky). Murray got a cooooooool new pair of shoes and I got a gorgeous black button down 3/4 winter coats (loves it)! That night we went and saw the movie 'The Departed' (review on the sidebar) EXCELLENT movie!

Sunday Lorraine came over and we decided to go up to Oxford Street for a bit of shopping. We had a LOVELY lunch at our favourite savoury crepe place (mexicana - yummmm). Then we went over to Selfridges. They had a HUGE section of Christmas stuff set up (isn't that a bit early)? But it did get us in the mood. We looked around at the stunning decoration while singing along to the Christmas songs they were blasting.
I spotted this book in Selfridges. It sounds like something I need to read!!!!!!!!!


At 3:25 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Oh my god she is soooo cute!

At 6:42 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Definitely agree about The Departed, and good job on the Christmas presents!


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