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Friday, October 20, 2006

Do I look THAT different? Mucho Gusto

This morning, for the 5th consecutive time this week, I was asked to show a second id this morning. The person who checked my badge coming into work looked at it, looked at me, looked at it, looked at me. Then he asked for a second id to prove I am indeed me. All I have with my married name on it is a credit card and my gym card, which was good enough Monday through Thursday, but today he wanted a photo id. So I showed him my MBA student card which has my photo and first name, but my maiden surname. I had HAD it today, so I asked WHY all of the sudden, after (officially today!) 100 weeks at this job, NOW you start questioning my photo? Do I look THAT different? He apologized, saying my photo just didn't look like me. Ok, fine. If this keeps up I may just have to ask to get a new photo for my badge as it's driving me MAD! Oh, and the bus went on a different route this morning, also make me late for work. Thank goodness it's Friday.

Lorraine came over last night and we went out to a nice dinner at our ever favourite place Il Mas Calzone. We gave them a good tip (well, a GREAT tip for the UK as no one really tips) and were thus rewarded for the first time ever with lolipops for all of us - what a treat! Then Lorraine and I practiced our Spanish (she's taking it too at her University). She taught me colours, I taught her numbers, she taught me pronunciation, I taught her a few phrases. It was good.

It's rainy & miserable again today - but still fairly warm - about 17c (64f). I wish the weather would just make up it's mind already and be done with the rain and just get cold. I wanna wear my super cute new coat darn it!


At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Suze said...

Cute post today MO - very funny.
That's if it is you writing it - better show us some ID next post ;)

Suze xx

At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Lorraine said...

la Bandera Americano es Azul, Blanco y roja

hasta la vista xxxxx

At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Severiano said...

La bandera sudafricana es negra, amarilla, blanca, roja, azul y verde


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