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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Voice of an Angel?

Last night we went to a taping of The Charlotte Church Show. For those of you who don't know, Charlotte was a famous singer from a very young age (known as the voice of an angel). She now has a reputation (at 20 years old) for being a wild party girl, and has just bagged her own weekly night time chat show (this was the taping of only her second show).

It actually was quite good! Much better than I expected. They had a great stand up comedian who kept us entertained between takes (which was great since it was a 3 hour taping)! Charlotte herself looked great in person (smaller than the tabloids make her out to be) and very pretty (although she was caked in makeup). She had 2 guests - Patsy Kensit (who was married to Liam Gallagher from Oasis) and American comedian Ruby Wax.

The show went quite smoothly, after they taped us clapping. Then clapping and cheering. Then just cheering. Then cheering then clapping. Wow, that got old quickly. Charlotte didn't swear much at all, other than was was scripted and a few times when she messed up her lines.

The section 'Wales versus the World' was hilarious! They had two (as they described) 'Crap Acts' - one from Wales (supposedly) and one from the 'rest of the world' (which last night happened to be Australia)! The act from Australia was a guy who was covered in oil and pushed himself into a gigantic balloon. So so weird. The funniest part is when he was totally inside and had just one leg sticking out. At the end of his act he popped the balloon and appeared wearing a cheaply made Elvis costume and awful wig (he went in wearing some frightening looking tight blue biker shorts). The second act (from Wales) was a woman who 'ate fire' and then took her top off, stuck things over her bits and lit a little string and ball attached on each one. She lit those on fire then twirled them. I think everyone was just in shock! Thank goodness the Australian guy won! HA!

Ruby Wax was actually quite entertaining, and not too annoying. Patsy Kensit was very pretty - but looked like she had a had a lot of work done, her face looked very stretched out. And wow did she have ugly shoes on (sorry, I notice these things)! Oh, and by the way - I loved Charlotte's shoes - very nice!

The band was called 'Orson.' I must say that's one of my favourtie sections of the show. Charlotte sang along with the band. It was well rehearsed and came across really well actually (other than the fact that they had to film it twice). She sounded great, but the lead singer of Orson was even better.

The other great part of the show was the prefilmed and in studio skits. The one we got to see live was Charlotte dressed up as Paris Hilton. Quite funny actually. She got upset when she was told by her agent that her album has sold negative albums (more people returning it then actually buying it) and threw her dog down and kicked it (don't worry - it was a stuffed pooch)! Then she demanded another dog, before having another fit and kicking that one into the audience too. He he he.

Anyhow, it was fun. And free! I wish her the best of luck with her show. But to be honest, I don't think it will last. I don't think the format is catchy enough to capture enough viewers. But, we'll see I guess. We were all a bit disappointed though when she told us who'd be on next week :( Johnny Vegas (a great UK comedian) and singer Nelly Furtado. Boooo I want to see THEM! I will definitely be applying for more tickets today!


At 7:09 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

The voice of an angel - I'm sorry, I bet Charlotte Church is amazing, but I think directly of Sarah McLachlan... listen to "Angel" and tell me you don't want that!

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Monique said...

Oh yes - I LOVE Sarah McLachlan - she is fantastic! I don't really think Charlotte has a 'voice of an angel.' She can sing, yes, but she's no angel!

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

What happened to the part where you were going to bring in pictures videos? Did they scrap that part of the show?


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