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Friday, September 08, 2006


Saw some interesting things on my commute home yesterday on the tube.

1. I laughed to myself as a bunch of people (including me) ran into the tube carriages to try to get the coveted 'end seat.' This seat is bordered by glass on one side, so it means you only have to sit by a person on one side (and you can lean your head on the glass if you are tired:) I love that seat, and get disappointed when someone beats me to it!

2. A lady got onto the carriage I was on with a guitar. She looked like Tracy Chapman and sang a song and played while we all ignored her. Actually, the music was really nice, she had a great voice. She made a little comment afterwards about how everyone was ignoring her. However, it IS illegal to 'busk' on the tube, we are all tired from work and don't want to be trapped in with loud music, and even though the music was nice it just isn't the right time or place. I didn't give her any money because I don't want to encourage that. They have legal busking points in tube stations now - not ON the trains - but in places where the tube men can control who plays and where.

3. When I got off the tube after going to the gym the girl walking next to me was dressed from head to toe in green. Green shoes, green clothes, green things in her hair, and get this - a green painted face! I don't know if she was trying to be the jolly green normal sized person, or a fairy or what. But I thought it was hilarious that she was traveling on public transport like that (while chatting to a friend on her mobile)! Gosh I love London - so many different kinds of people - makes for an interesting journey home sometimes!

4. This morning I was VERY upset when I got onto the tube and couldn't find a spare copy of the free paper 'The Metro.' It is my morning routine that I read the metro on the tube. However, the closest entrance to the station I now start my morning off at doesn't have any there. So I have to hope someone on the train has left their copy for me!

5. I LOVE the feeling of finding a gossip magazine on the tube. It's like a special little present just for me - a FREE magazine that I didn't have to waste my money on - YAY:) Murray always laughs cause I get so excited where I find an OK or HELLO magazine as I don't buy those, but I'll read it if I find one - ha ha. Yesterday on the way home, when I finished my cheapy magazine I set it up on the back of the seat (the sign to everyone that I don't want it anymore). A girl leaned across a few minutes later to ask if I was finished with it. I smiled and said yes and handed it to her. Her smile made my night:) Nice to pass on a bit of gossip magazine happiness!


At 9:19 AM, Blogger Thomas said...


At 3:41 PM, Blogger Beth said...

I always read Hello and OK! when there's one on a train or in a salon or something, but they don't make my "I will pay for them" list either...

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

I hate green, but too love finding free gossip magazines anywhere... I read them all the time when i go to visit the dentist or plumber (and that's a more PC word for the OBGYN if you catch my grip - or if you didn't...), but those aren't things I'd normally spend my money on... goes to figure, huh? :)


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