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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sumo Mo

Last night we had a work 'celebration' in honour of passing the first of 3 big milestones on our project.

When we arrived at the place I was SO jealous, it was a tent set-up near a waterskiing club!!! I miss waterskiing SO SO SO SO much! We hung around a little while to watch the guys go around on one of those automated wire things (looks kinda boring) but they also had a few boats that were pulling people skiing and wakeboarding. The lake is about a quarter of the size of the lake my parents live by, but still - I wanna go!

Anyhow, so I arrived unfashionably early with a co-worker. They had a bunch of games set-up: a surfing simulator, jousting, sumo wrestling and giant jenga. I played one game of giant jenga, which was a bit of a disappointment actually. When they said 'giant' I was expecting huge jenga pieces the size of me, but it was actually just wooden blocks the size of my forearm. Still fun though (I WON)! Later I was convinced to get up and joust against another lady in our department. It was one of those huge blow up platforms, with 2 cushy blocks - one for each of us to stand on. Only problem was it had been lightly raining so they were damp. But we got up and put on our 'helmets' (just a cushy head cover really), and started jousting. She cheated though and jabbed me (which is against the rules). You're only supposed to hit the other person (with the soft ends of the stick) but because of her jab I fell straight off. After we got it cleared up that you aren't allowed to jab I knocked her off two times in quick succession. Then a friend of mine came up to try to defeat me. She smacked me in the head before the ref had even counted to 1 (he counted 1,2,3 START). So, in the next round I hit her in the head before he had got to one (ha ha). The sticks (not sure what they're actually called) were really soft though, so no one was hurt - it was all in good fun. By this time we had quite a crowd watching us (maybe because there were only 5 girls there and 150 men)? She ended up beating me - she's just SO strong. But we still shook hands afterwards - it was fun!

I spent the rest of the evening trying to convince one of the girls to Sumo wrestle me, but none of them would consider it. SO just as they were about to put it away I challenged my guy friend from work (as long as he promised to be nice and not hurt me)! He's SO tall though - the sumo suit came down to my ankles - and to his knees - to give you a bit of perspective! I got down low in the first match, and I acutally managed to surprise him and push him out of the ring (YAY)! He told me afterwards he was a bit shocked and knew he couldn't lose to a girl (especially since almost everyone there was watching - including our boss)! So of course he knocked me over the next 2 rounds and was crowned the winner. It was fun because the suits were so cushy that it didn't hurt at all, I couldn't get up though when I was knocked over cause the suit was really heavy! After my final defeat I just snaked myself out of the suit rather than waiting for the lady to come help me get it off (which got a laugh from the crowd)!

All in all a good night. The tube was SUPER DUPER slow on the way home though, so I didn't get home until 12:30. Thus, I am knackered today! Oh well, it was worth it!


At 10:41 AM, Blogger andrea said...

No pictures of the sumo wrestling? I am glad you had fun!

At 3:50 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

"Knackered" and they say Minnesotans have dialectual jargon. : ) Sounds like you had a lot of fun; made me laugh to hear your descriptions on the phone! I showed the girls' how to reply to your website tonight, so they wrote a comment together. Mandie will write to you from college in between classes. Mom

At 4:47 AM, Anonymous Marcus said...

I believed they're called pugils.


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