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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I've been tagged!

But first, a funny story I forgot to write about yesterday.

Sunday on our way back home after helping Lorraine move into her dorm, we decided to take the overland train home.
We got on the train and suddenly heard VERY loud Indian music. We glanced out the window and saw on the next platform that a music video was being filmed! There were about 30 female and 30 male dancers and a man who looked like the an Indian Willie Nelson. He had a cowboy hat, long grey hair, cowboy boots - interesting. Everyone on the train was glued to the windows - watching as they started the music over and over as the camera man walked through the dancers catching all the action on film. Even though I have no idea who that guy was - it was kinda exciting! Murray and I were wondering why the heck you'd use a dirty old train platform as a film location though - strange!

Thank You to A Novelist for tagging me (as I have nothing else to write about today).

I don't often carry a handbag anymore actually, I usually carry my back pack with all my gym stuff as I go on the way home from work.

SO, in my 'hand bag' (backpack):
Gym shoes, socks, outfit, flips flops for the shower, pink mini i-pod and headphones, tube pass, vaseline for your lips, my work badge, mini kleenex pack, a book (usually chick-lit), bottle of water, a pound coin for the locker at the gym, a mini pack of gym essentials (shampoo, conditioner, hair bands, deodorant, fruity body spray, lotion), my mobile (phone), hairbrush, house keys, purse (in the UK they call a wallet a purse and a purse a handbag - very confusing)

In my purse (wallet):
money off movie vouchers, credit/debit cards, gym card, 2 grocery store point cards, open water diver certification card, my Minnesota drivers license, library card, photos of my sisters, cousin Jennifer and a mini photo of us from graduation, Murray and my student cards (for movie discounts!) , stamps, Ferrari rentals business card (from the place we rented a corvette for a day on our honeymoon in Hawaii).

Exciting - I know!


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