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Friday, September 15, 2006

2 more years, 2 more years...

Well, 2 years anyway. I just realized that today is my anniversary - 2 years at this job:)

The post title though comes from a Bloc Party song. I actually only have one more year left on this job.

Other than that, nothing much new.
The entire network at work shut down at 3:00 yesterday. So, I cleaned my desk, cleaned out my old files, ate the second part of my lunch, and tidied my drawers full millions of paper clips. Eventually I gave up after hanging out for an hour and a half and left for the gym. Gosh, what did we do before computers?

Last night I was extremely confused again by the Sopranos episode that was on. I will be watching the repeat on Sunday with Murray to try to figure out what all the characters are up to.

Can't wait for this weekend. Abby, Lorraine, Shopping, Out on the Town, Dorm moving in, all very exciting - will fill you in on the details on Monday!!



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