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Friday, August 11, 2006

Where my Peeps at?

Yesterday, while working, I listened to the cd my aunties Joni & Jani sent of their radio show. It is SO funny! I really enjoyed it (especially since Murray and I got a few 'shout outs') ha ha. It really was funny though! They told some funny date stories, a bit about their experience growing up as twins, had some phone ins from people with funny stories. I really enjoyed it! I don't understand why they didn't win - must be a conspiracy! I would totally listen to their talk show, they did a great job!

On the bus ride home last night I perfected yet another 'London commuter' skill. Turning the page in my book, while still holding it, all with one hand. The bus driver must have been new because the ride was so jerky that if I had let go for one second I surely would have fallen over. So when I came to the end of a page I balanced the book with my thumb and two fingers and worked another finger into the gap between the next pages. Eventually pushing that gap wide enough to turn the page and stick my thumb in the newly opened pages. I was very proud of myself (sadly) as this turned out to take a bit of practice before I perfected my technique. And by the way, the one time I had trouble getting the page to turn and let go of the handle I nearly fell over - so it really it really is a necessary skill!

I love those moments in life when you smile to yourself because you are reminded that deep down most people really are good. While I was waiting for my second bus ride home, a little old lady was sitting by me (waiting for a bus I think? I don't know though - I saw her there yesterday too)? A little girl who was about 3 ran up to her and jumped into her arms for a hug. Her Dad stood behind her with a look of surprise, they obviously did not know this lady. But the little girl grabbed onto her and just kepting hugging for several minutes and the lady was beaming with a huge smile. The father looked a bit upset and tried a few times to get the girl to go as their bus was waiting, but she just kept hugging. It was just so so sweet. The innocence and openness of children really is refreshing. I smiled again as the lady yelled to them as they were getting on the bus 'Hey Dad, help her onto the bus, she needs help.' Ahhhhhh bless

Last night I watched one of my favourite programmes - Dragon's Den.
The show has 5 'Dragons' who are successful business people looking to invest their own money in new businesses. People come and pitch their idea in front of the Dragons and ask for a certain amount of money for a percentage of their business. If the Dragons like the idea they negotiate the percentage (the rule of the show is you HAVE to leave with at least as much money as you were asking for). It's really interesting to watch the people who ruin a good business idea by giving a poor presentation, those people who are really on top of it and pull the Dragons in to get funding, and those GREAT ideas that have the Dragons fighting over percentages. I really like that show!

And a big THANK YOU to Joni & Kevin for this great shirt that they sent me - I'm wearing it today. I have a little giggle every time I look in the mirror!

I LOVE Peeps:)


At 11:04 AM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

I used to read a LOT on busses and trams, and I've got that ability to turn a page without actually using my hand too...! :)

Over at the Far Side, I most often drive myself. When you've got distances of several miles with no buildings in between, a car is a neccesity.
And in-town, I walk. It's a small town, everything's within half an hour of walking. Nice!

And thanks for the birthday wishes! I will celebrate - as soon as I get home from my working weekend.. *sigh*

At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are peeps?!

At 11:09 AM, Blogger Monique said...

Peeps are a yummy American treat - they are marshmellows in the shapes of ducks (usually) coated in sugar. SO SO nice!


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