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Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday Monday

We had a nice relaxing weekend which was lovely.
Saturday I went to the gym and actually had a really good workout while Murray was off lugging his clubs for hours on end around the golf course.
Sunday I got my hair done. The guy I got told me I was old, he was 22. And the girl who washed my hair pulled out tons of hair - ouch! But, I was happy with the colour, it is a nice cut, and he must have been new at the salon because the bill was much smaller than I expected which is always nice!

For my Monday morning rant I'd just like to talk about how different hair salons are here in London compared to America. I just find it so bizarre! It's nice that when I arrive at the salon here, they offer you a drink from the coffee bar which is being run by a student. That's kind of a nice perk. It all goes downhill from there though. Every time I go the stylist rushes through applying my colour so they can start working on the next customer. After my colour has set, they send a young girl to wash my hair and give me a head massage (I just KNOW they are whispering to them - 'I'm not done with my other customer yet - so make it a LONG massage'). Now, I like a good head massage, and usually they are lovely. But, yesterday's was painful and not enjoyable at all. The thing as well is that I don't really want to spend 3-4 hours there every time I go - just wash my hair, condition and let me get a cut please. So, then I go back to the stylist for a cut, and he does it quickly then blowdries while looking around and glancing at his watch every couple of minutes. I guess it just frustrates me that I am paying so much for this service and I would really like if I was their only customer for that period of time. Oh well, I suppose the way the salons are set up here - if that was the case I'd be paying double what I pay now. I've tried a few different salons in our area and had just about the same experience at all of them, so I'm assuming it's just a London thing. Oh well, I'm blonde again with a nice fresh cut so I'm happy:)


At 10:29 AM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Be glad you're not a local on the Far Side - every salon has a "drop in" sign, but none have the time for actual drop-in customers. I had to book three weeks in advance to get a simple haircut! Now how's that for service? :)

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Beth said...

I can't agree with you more. A coffee is nice. A head massage is nice. But neither of those things needs to take the whole afternoon!

At 7:08 PM, Blogger A Novelist said...

It's really difficult finding a great salon (and stylist), especially when relocating to a new city. I am sure your haircut/color looks fab though...


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