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Monday, August 14, 2006

Late Bus = Later Tube = Later Bus = Late for Work

Twenty minutes late to work on a Monday all due to the first bus of the day being 9 minutes later than usual, great way to start a Monday!

It was a nice relaxing weekend. Saturday we did a bit of shopping, and then decided to just go see a movie because the weather was so dire. It was chilly (I wore a long sleeved t-shirt AND a sweater) and rainy, no fun. I guess it really was only about high teens, low 20's c (low 70's, high 60's f), but since this is SUPPOSED to be summer, it felt cold. We went and saw Miami Vice after a nice lunch at one of our favourite restaurants Bodeans - the American BBQ restaurant. I had the pulled pork sandwich doused with WAY too much BBQ sauce and it was so so lovely!
We met up with our ex flat mate Debs for the movie, then chatted with her afterwards, it was nice to catch up.

Sunday morning we headed out early (well, 9 - but that's early for the weekend!) for breakfast with some friends we haven't seen in awhile. It was POURING with rain! So, we got pretty wet getting to the tube, but the Eggs Benedict and lovely company were worth it. Afterwards we headed into Oxford Street for a spot of shopping. When we were finished Murray suggested we stop by the National Portrait Gallery before heading home. It's so fantastic that most galleries and museums in London are now free! We wandered around a bit looking at the contemporary (since 1990) photographic portraits, and spent a bit of time looking at the display of The Beatles photography and album covers. The photos by Linda McCarthy of the band were really fantastic, and the blurbs written to go with all the photos were really interesting. Luckily we got home before it started to poor again, and instead we were able to curl up on the couch to watch the dvd 'The Matador' with Pierce Brosnan. It was a strange story, but overall a good movie.

Now, back to another week at work. YAY :)

Oh - and a happy belated B-Day to Grandma Sally - her birthday was Saturday!
Miss you & Love you!


At 6:59 AM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Dead in the evening=dead in the morning=running late=twisted ankle=auch=hopping all the way to the office=running late=still first in here... *phew*

Some mornings, it all goes to hell! ;)


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