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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

And now back to work

What a stressful day so far - I'm glad it's almost over!

It was a nice weekend though - fairly relaxing.

Other than Friday night. Friday we went to see the movie 'severance' (which was really good) then went home & after watching a little bit of tv went to bed. Our flat mate Kirsty pounded on our door at midnight to say she could smell smoke. So we jumped out of bed & along with her ran down the steps. When we opened our door there were half a dozen fire fighters in full fire fighting gear standing there, and a hallway filled with smoke! They had a hose & everything! They turned to us (probably surprised to see 2 girls in pink robes with a guy looking shocked to see them! They said everything was fine and to go back upstairs, that they would come and get us if they needed to get us out. Ummmm ok. So we went and sat in our front window and watched them load their gear back into the TWO firetrucks that were sitting outside. We shut all the windows in our flat as it reeked like smoke and eventually went back to bed. Kinda scary though. I went out Friday and bought replacement batteries for all the fire alarms in the flat. We still don't know what happened, we're guessing probably a kitchen fire? Murray and I knocked on their door on Saturday morning to see if everyone was ok, and ask what the heck happened! But no one answered. I would like to know though!

Saturday was nice and relaxing. Our ex-flat mate Debs came over for dinner & a chat - was good to catch up. Oh and Murray surprised me with a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers! There are so many that I actually had to split them into 2 vases!

Sunday we caught up with Eva & Abigail. Abby was sweet as usual, curling up with Murray, holding his hand as we walked to the shops, etc. It was nice to see them.

Monday we went to the gym - I attended a circuits class at 11. OH MY GOSH am I sore! I think this was the first class that this instructor had ever taught (he was walking around in the beginning with a folder & seemed very confused). He decided that because it was such a small class (only 4 of us) that he'd integrate lots of sprinting to 'keep our energy levels up.' Ummm ok. So we rotated around the room, after 4 weights exercises we'd come to him. Each time we came around he had organized the cones slightly differently & yelled as to 'run faster, faster, FASTER.' It was good though, made me run as fast as I could even when I was completely exhausted.

Today has been VERY busy at work, but thankfully things are starting to come together. My legs are so sore that I have been walking VERY slowly back & forth to the printer, I think I need to do some serious stretching tonight!

Nice weekend though. It was funny not going away like we usually do, but really nice to just chill out, sleep in and just relax!


At 6:07 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Thank God it wasn't your place!
Fire's are tricky, they sneak up on you and even though you think you have done everything you can to prevent it, one day they are just there. Good thinking in replacing the batteries - normally, nobody thinks about those, do they?

Take care!

At 10:13 PM, Blogger Beth N said...

Oh my goodness... we had a fire in our building just a week ago! The contractors (refacing the exterior) managed to set it off. I went outside to post a letter and was greeted by 2 fire trucks and about 15 police officers! I guess they don't like to evacuate around here! Check it out if you have time:

I'm glad it all worked out ok!


At 1:50 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Yikes! That's pretty scary! I want to know what happened too...


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