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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ahhhh what a morning. The bus we usually take never showed up, so we had to take another one to the bridge, wait for another bus FOREVER, THEN the tube, then another bus - fun fun. Only made me half an hour late - so annoying!
Oh - and while we were waiting for either of the buses to come, we saw a parking ticket attendant (or whatever they are called) jumping out of a tow truck to give someone a ticket. That's interesting - so now they drive around WITH a tow truck driver - I've never seen that before. Weird.

Last night I got to the gym in record time - and 15 minutes before the class I wanted to attend was about to start! Then the lady at the desk informed me she had JUST given away the last token for the class:( Bummer! Oh well, my muscles were so sore from Monday's class that I was kind of relieved to just do some cardio on my own instead.

Last night I caught an episode of CSI: Miami from the new season. Horatio is just getting more and more ridiculous - his acting is just horrendous! And the 'hip' fast dance style music just got on my nerves! However, I did watch the entire hour of the show because I had to know - did they catch the killer - and WHO was it! Horatio himself was being framed by a crazy guy come back to seek revenge, which made it interesting. I was really annoyed though that the show did not end with a concrete conclusion. **sigh**

I was searching the web to see if there were any B&B's closer to where we live this morning (for when my Mom & Dad stop by London for a few days in September) and I found THIS PUTNEY WEB CAM from a local venue on the river that hosts receptions of all sorts. Kind of cool! Now I'll be able to tell if it's raining or not before I go home!

This is a still picture from this morning. Hmmm can you tell they have watering restrictions at this summer? The grass looks terrible!


At 2:42 AM, Anonymous Steve said...

Hey Mo!

I would have to agree with CSI Miami, Horatio just goes tooooooo far at times, the whole show I’m like “as if”, “take your sunnies off inside ya twat”, he’s just way too cool for school for my liking, drives me freaking insane!!!

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Janet said...

"Husby" and I COMPLETELY agree with you about Horatio. We've even started talking to each other (only SOMETIMES...) in that halting, overly-dramatic speech pattern.

When John saw him on the cover of the Radio Times recently, I though he was going to puke.

We were really hoping he'd actually killed his date and would be imprisoned for the balance of his life! ;-)



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