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Monday, July 31, 2006

Welcome to the Jungle

I am so tired it's not even funny, but it was worth it!
Last night we went to see Guns N' Roses perform. What an amazing show.

But first, we had a long tube ride there. I took a sneaky (that's Murray's shoulder on the left) picture of this guy on the tube wearing a headband with tiger ears on it - very strange! (but funny!)

The opening act was a whole different story. They were called Bullet for my Valentine (lovely name ha)? It seriously sounded like they played the same song 6 times in a row while head banging - I will not be buying their cd.

And their stage wasn't great - very low budget

The Gunners didn't even get started until 10:30 pm, but from the first note out of Axl Rose's mouth it was like no rock show I have ever seen. The entire crowd was singing aloud, so loudly that at first it was hard to hear Axl's voice. But then he worked his way up to those high notes while running up and down the stage - that's when we knew we were at a Gunners concert. He had 3 guitarists, and a base guitar player, 2 keyboardists and a drummer - quite a crowd! There were huge flames that came out of the stage (so hot we could even feel them way up in our balcony seats), explosions, fireworks, unbelievable. Axel was on top form - he belted them out like the good old days & played many of the classics - from Welcome to the Jungle to November Rain (which he accompanied on the grand piano). I'm not a huge fan - but I was really impressed.

My not so great picture of the stage - shows how we weren't that terribly far away though as this was taken with my camera phone.

The one funny thing was that every time there was a musical interlude he would run off stage and only come back when it was time for him to sing. We thought it was a bit strange. Then, for the last few songs, he disappeared completed. He was replaced by Sebastian Bach - lead singer of Skid Row. We were saying afterwards that we need to find out what conditioner Sebass uses - ha - his long flowing 80's hair band locks were all over the place! He can sing, but no one can sing an Axel Rose song like Axl Rose. Mr. Bach closed with Paradise City - but he just couldn't quite hit those high notes.

I found this on - a picture of Axl & Sebastian.

(I swear Sebastian's hair was about 6 inches longer than in this photo though!)

Sebastian did a good job finishing off the show though - helped along with massive amounts of confetti sprayed onto the sweaty mosh pit, flames, fireworks, and of COURSE half a dozen midgets waving American flags. Hmmm

The show finished off just after midnight, but it was suppose to go until 10 to one. I suppose that was because Axl was feeling sick. But it didn't matter, it was still a fantastic night. G N R's manager came onstage when the show finished to let us know that the performance almost didn't happen. Axl was really sick that morning, but said there was no way he wouldn't perform that night (it was the last night of their European tour). That's why there was no encore and why he didn't join Sebastian to finish off the show. It didn't matter though - the grass was green and the girls were pretty - he took took us home! Thank you Axl - even though you weren't feeling well you put on an absolutely amazing rock show!!!

Why oh why though did the people who run the tube station near Wembley decide they should close down the station for the night at quarter to 11? Thanks guys. So, after the concert 10,000 people were wandering the streets trying to find a way home. Thankfully we had one genius in our group who booked a cab ahead of time, so we were able to laugh at those tons & tons of people waiting for the night bus.

Other than seeing a rock God, we had a nice weekend. Saturday we picnicked with friends which was really nice.

Abby & Eva stopped by on Sunday as well .

Abby curled up in Murray's lap for a rest from running in circles around our living room

(she had a HUGE temper tantrum when she had to be ripped from Murray's lap because it was time to leave - ahhhhh sweet:)

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At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Helen Wood said...

Gosh. I saw Gunners about 14 years ago in Sydney with 80,000 other people in 40 degree heat at a race park. Murray, if you are reading this, you don't need me to remind you what happened to me...

At 12:48 PM, Anonymous Murray said...

Ha Ha ! The ALL OVER 'LIP' ! Yeah I feel your pain - same thing but 3 weeks before wedding!!!

At 2:16 PM, Blogger Monique said...

Oh no Helen - what a nightmare! I seem to remember that story now. I'm so glad this concert was indoors AND that we had seats!!

At 7:08 AM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Looks great! Hope you had fun, Mo! Every time I hear "Guns'n'roses" I think "November rain"...


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