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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy Graduation to Us

Happy Graduation to Us
Happy graduating to Ussssssssss
Happy Graduation to Us

Our pictures finally arrived - actually I must admit I completely forgot we ordered them!
Finally - proof that we did actually graduate!

The dentist wasn't too bad. He's actually a really good dentist (Australian, of course). It only took an hour and wasn't too painful. Actually I wasn't as swollen as I thought I'd be from the novicane, so no drooling on the tube thank goodness! He did use some sort of file drill thing though that I don't think I've ever had before that made me feel like my brain was vibrating. I'm sore today though - had to take ibuprofen to get to sleep last night because it was aching, and took 2 this morning to keep the pain away.

I hear Joni and Jani's Radio Debut went really well last night. I desperately wanted to stay up and listen - but that would have been until 2am, and I really can't work on less than at least 7 hours sleep. Bummer. But if you click on the link you can listen to a small excerpt of their 2 hour show. Looking forward to voting like CRAZY on Friday - the decision of who wins is determined by 51% the radio station and 49% by internet voting (AND you're not limited to how many times you can vote)!


As of last night we have a new flat mate - Kirsty. Nice to have another girl around the flat now:)

Now - I must go and either beg the people who sit by me to turn on the air conditioner or steal their fan and point it at me. It's going to be a hot day!


At 3:24 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Nice pic!

I didn't take any for graduation. Just let it slip. The less pics there are off me out in public, the better... :)

At 5:05 PM, Blogger andrea said...

I love the picture, it is perfect!


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