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Thursday, June 08, 2006

T Minus 30 Hours

Am I counting down - yes, I'm a geek like that. Thirty hours until we fly out - WHOO HOOO. We got emailed a fishing report from my aunt yesterday. Apparently the walleyes and northerns have been biting using minnows and leeches. Yuck. I like to fish once and a while, but I plan to leave the full day excursions on this trip to the boys. We are going up to WAY WAY Northern Minnesota for a 5 night house boat trip with my family, my grandparents, and my aunt, uncle and two cousins. We have two gigantic boats and that's all I know really. I'm just looking forward to catching up with everyone and relaxing. is reporting to me that the weather forecast for next week is improving (thank goodness!) to the mid to high 70's by the end of next week. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain the whole time!

Last night I made one of my favourite summer salads, the recipe is from my Mom. Lettuce, sliced up mango, sliced up strawberries and finely chopped fresh mint leaves. With a little bit of vinaigrette dressing on top - yummy! That's what I'm having for lunch today too!

Also last night I tried my hand at a bit of DIY. While watching the newest episode of Desperate Housewives I put together my bedside table. Murray came in on a commercial break and was a bit worried about the bits and pieces scattered across the floor. But - hey - my job while I was in high school and part of college was soldering - I know my way around tools! I got it completely put together other than the last bit which is hammering the base onto the dresser. It was 11pm by that stage and I didn't want to bang on it and possibly disturb the neighbours - will finish it off tonight:) Oh and I must say - I tend to agree with Murray now after last night's episode - Desperate Housewives IS starting to get the level of drama that Melrose Place had. It was SUCH a dramatic episode last night. Bring on the 90's guitar rifts! Now all they need is a guest appearance by Heather Locklear!


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