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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I LOVE the Ballet!!!!

Last night I went to see 'The Sleeping Beauty' at the Royal Opera House with a group of girlfriends. It was AMAZING!!!!
Yes, our seats were absolutely awful (but I guess you can't expect too much when the tickets are only£5)! Which meant we couldn't see the two most important scenes of the show (when she pricks her finger on the spindle and when the prince kisses her back to life) because they took place on far stage right. Booo:(
BUT, it was still fantastic. The costumes were stunning, the prima ballerina was amazing, and the company of dancers were all wonderful. There were about 20 ballerinas in total, but the lead ballerina was unbelievable. The amount of time that girl could stand on one toe with her other toe practically touching the back of her head while she was spun around was unreal!
Although, I can't say that was my favourite ballet. It was half confusing mime and the other half was mostly the many many performances for the king & queen as they looked on. I prefer a more flowing story - like Swan Lake.
I'm glad I went though, and I'm really going to try to start making an effort to go see at least one show a month, whether it's the ballet, opera, a musical or a play. With all the options in London it's just a shame not to.

No, I didn't take this photo (we were in the nose bleed seats after all!). I found this photo on the web from a performance of The Sleeping Beauty - aren't ballerinas just amazing? I love the ballet!

Oh - and pat on the back for myself this morning - even though I was exhausted when I got up (the ballet was 3 hours long after all - which meant I got home LATE!), I still got my running shoes on and did the half hour walk to the tube station whether than walking, bus, then tube. It was a nice walk, very refreshing and I still got to work at exactly the same time! I will definitely have to start doing that more often!


At 6:51 AM, Anonymous Helen said...

Remember my friend Jo from Melbourne, she arrives in London on Saturday and she checked the weather and apparantly it will be 22 degrees. She is cheering and now Sydney is officially colder! You will hopefully be able to enjoy your morning walks much more now in the warmer weather.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Was lots of fun! A nice cheap girls night out :)

At 10:19 PM, Anonymous bizofknowledge said...

Looks like it was a wonderful ballet. Finding cheap tickets to cultural activities is always such a bonus. Especially if there is nothing on telly anyway!


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