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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hats, metros and old flatmates

Yet another exciting journey to work via public transport.
Well, not really.
This morning I was running late again. I totally blame desperate housewives. The finale last night was great, but staying up til midnight and only getting 6 1/2 hours of sleep just doesn't work for me.

Unfortunately I found out this morning that taking the bus in the morning is NOT the same as taking the tube. I left about the same time as yesterday, but waited for the bus for AGES! While yesterday I arrived at work perfectly on time, today I was 20 minutes late. Back to my normal time of leaving tomorrow I think (IF I can get out of bed on time for once this week)!

Just heard via my sister in law that Nicole Kidman is getting married Manly!!!! That's where our flat is and where she lives along with some of our friends. HOW COOL!

Anyhow, back to me:)
While waiting for the bus I spotted our ex-flatmate. She looked fabulous! Really great haircut, cool clothes etc. unlike me today in my company polo shirt - I was just too tired to bother trying to look nice today. She didn't see me though, or didn't recognize me. It's just so strange to see someone you haven't seen in years.

When I FINALLY got to the train station there were tons of girls on the platform waiting for the train with their fancy hats and dresses on. Ahhhhh I want to go to Ascot!!! How fun. Heather and Andrea are going today - I'm so jealous! But, I am really looking forward to seeing their pictures.
Some people's taste in 'hats' kinda scares me though, one of the girls this morning had a big funny lime green feather thing pinned to her head - is that really considered a hat?

Once I finally got on the tube I found I was DESPERATE for a copy of the metro (the free newspaper that comes out daily). I used to be able to pick one up right when I got on the tube, but now that I have to catch the bus first I'm not able to get one til I find a spare one lying on the train. Funny the little things that you miss. I really love reading it in the morning though. It's a great quick bite of all of the news, just perfect for a half hour train journey.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad tomorrow is Friday.
Our goal this weekend is to COMPLETELY finish unpacking this weekend. I hacked away at it a bit last night, assembling the other bedside table and starting to wash some of the dirty clothes that had built up. Tonight I really need to unpack our suitcases so we don't keep tripping over them every time we enter the room! I can't wait to see what the place looks like once it's finally all sorted out. Fingers crossed we can take pictures this weekend - then I can post some on Monday!!!!!!!

And even though I haven't been following the world cup at all - GOOD LUCK to Australia tonight!!!


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