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Friday, June 23, 2006

Go England! Go Australia!

Although I haven't really been following the World Cup, and I really don't understand the rules of football, I'm still getting a little caught up in the excitement. A colleague explained the points system to me yesterday, so this morning I was able to read the results and actually understand what they mean which was nice. Shame that USA is out now, but well done to Australia to making it to the 'Knockout Round' this weekend. England plays Ecuador on Sunday and Australia is up against Italy on Monday - good luck guys! I just like the term 'knockout round' - seems like a funny term for football!

Last night the ONLY thing on at the gym was a special about the world cup, so I watched it while forcing myself to run. It was interesting seeing how excited people in the UK are about England's chances, shame that Michael Owen got hurt though! It felt great to get back to the gym, so much so that I brought my stuff again today to go for a run again after work!

I am SO glad it's FRIDAY!!!! AND I'm glad that I finally unpacked last night so now we can walk into our room without tripping over suitcases. Bring on weekend!!!


At 11:11 AM, Blogger Kim said...

Go Ecuador! I pulled that team out of hat before the World Cup started and hope they beat England this weekend (duck and cover!)

Funny thing is that I put a fiver on Ecuador and Mark put a tenner on England, so this should make for an interesting weekend!


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