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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Where is my British passport?????

I got a letter in the mail last night from the home office rejecting my passport application for a number of reasons - all my fault - but why oh why did I pay £7 to the post office to 'check' my application - they obviously didn't do their job very well!
The main reason was that you can't have it countersigned by someone who lives at your address - I had mine signed by our flat mate - opps! But then I sat thinking who else do I know who is a British citizen, who has know me at least 2 years, and has a professional qualification? The I realised - WOW almost all my friends are Australians, South Africans, Americans, etc. or people that I haven't know for 2 years (I've only been at my present job for 1 year 8 months), or people I couldn't squeeze into the home office's definition of ‘qualified’.
Eventually I had to call them on their pay number (I shudder to think how much that is going to cost me) to ask if my friend who is a professional dance teach with qualifications would be ok, they said yes - THANK GOD! So I ran over there last night and had her fill out her section saying that I am who I say I am. The I ran back just in time to catch the start of Desperate Housewives – what a great episode! However, this morning just as I was about to stick it in the post, I realised the letter also said they are rejecting the photos I sent because there are 'grey shadows' on my face. Maybe I was just tired that day ok? Just kidding - it's actually because I had them taken in one of those crappy do it yourself booths at the tube station and the flash left me looking totally washed out with shadows on my face. I was mad at first because now I can't send off the application until probably Saturday, but on the other hand I hated that photo anyhow - so I guess this is a good excuse to do my hair and make-up Saturday morning and go down to a photo shop to have a better passport photo taken.
SOOOOOOOOOO annoying though! I hate that it's been 2 weeks since I sent them not only my application, but also my American passport. It scares me to be passportless, so I hope once I send this back I'll get my new maroon one ASAP!

In conclusion..... I now know summer is actually on the way - for the first time today the predicted temperature for the day in London exceeded that in Sydney - it is supposed to be 25C today in London (80F) WOW! Fantastic - now I just hope it stays that nice for the weekend!!!


At 8:05 PM, Blogger Beth said...

I'm still waiting for my red Irish passport. It's been five working days, with five more to go before the "passport express" service is not express anymore. And they have my freaking birth certificate!! I feel so naked...

At 9:27 AM, Blogger Monique said...

10 working days so far for me - I'm freaking out a bit! I can't believe they have your birth certificate too - scary!


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