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Monday, May 15, 2006

Train Delays = Summer is on the way

I left early enough this morning to usually get me into work half an hour early, instead - due to 'signal failures at Heathrow' I got in half an hour late - how does that work? And wouldn't you know, today was the first time in ages I forgot my book! So I read that darn paper cover to cover - I even glanced at the sports pages **shudder**

Weekend summary:

1. On the way out of the gym we found out that there actually was NOT a football game on yesterday, it was apparently a parade to celebrate Chelsea winning the premiership (something sorta like the super bowl would be to an American? i.e. a big deal!)
All I know is that it meant we had loads of drunk singing men on our tube ride home.

2. It is not warm yet - if it is warm again during the week and cold again next weekend I am going to be upset!

3. I think we finally taught Abigail to say Mo this weekend (my nickname), she has said Murray before but prefers to call him Freddy (after the character in her favourite movie An American Tail).

4. We finally caught up on Lost this weekend - we have seen up to episode 4 now - but we still have no idea what's going on - I guess that's the whole point. But I am glad Rose's husband is alive and that they found peanut butter!

5. I am upset Chris was kicked off American Idol - but those really were 2 terrible performances. Shame though - who's going to win now? I'm really not a big fan of any of the final 3 - will be interesting to see who America votes to win.

6. Big Brother starts here on Thursday - I'm going to try to keep away from it. But I know, like the rest of country I'll probably be sucked in when it gets down to an interesting group of people.

7. I am eating a double chocolate cookie right now thanks to my friend Pete at work - it was his b-day last week. YAY to cookies on a Monday morning. He brought in 100 cookies - so I'm hoping for seconds!

8. The kitchen is STILL not complete - they better finish it today darn it! And they better not make a mess again - we spent a good amount of time vacuuming, mopping and wiping down surfaces as there was dust everywhere!

9. Happy Mothers Day (again) to my Mom and my Mother-in-law :)

10. And finally - Murray's favourite picture of his eggplant creation last week!


At 4:14 PM, Blogger A Novelist said...

That eggplant looks yummy! :)


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