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Friday, May 05, 2006


Thank goodness it's Friday!

I brought the software to hook my phone up via USB to my pc at work, but it will not work, so no photos today unfortunately. I took a few nice ones this morning of my fresh flowers and my blooming orchid, bummer:( Will have to get my lovely husband to help me sort it out next week.

Last night I made the decision that from now on I will treat myself weekly with something that makes me happy - fresh flowers. I bought 2 bunches of gorgeous tulips on the way home and they made me smile when I saw them this morning. So, I'm making this a new tradition!

The paper this morning said that yesterday was the hottest day in London yet this year - 26 c(82 f), and that the hottest temperature was recorded at Heathrow Airport - that's where I work! I believe it, it was SO hot and uncomfortable in the office, and even worse on the stifling tube! Today - I am forcing everyone to turn on their air conditioners! As usual though, this mid week summer is not predicted to last, by the time the long awaited weekend is upon us it's supposed to be cold again and rainy - where is summer? I want to go to the park with my new picnic backpack! I just discovered last night that it has an insulated section too - YAY! Bring on summer!!!!!!!!!!

But first - bring on American Idol - I can't wait to see the episode tonight - I hope Chris doesn't go this week - he is my FAVOURITE! I am going to try and be good and not look at any US news sites today so I don't accidentally find out who was voted out this week, before watching it tonight. I did that the last 2 weeks and it was not nearly as fun to watch when I already knew who was getting the boot!


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