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Friday, May 05, 2006

PEEPS, not just for Easter anymore

I feel a bit guilty
Last night while starting to pack up the stuff in our kitchen (we are moving soon) I came across 3 boxes of Peeps that my lovely aunt Jani sent. I noticed one of the containers had the plastic covering the box sliced open, and the poor bright pink peeps were exposed!
So I decided to take them into work today, I can't just throw away something that is SO rare in the UK!
The guys at work claim they don't like them, but after a few hours of them sitting in the coffee room, only one was left (with the lower half of his body eaten, I guess someone changed their mind after the first bite!)
I had one though, and they are stale - yuck!
And I decided once again that they definitely are SO much better frozen! Even my husband (a recent peep convert) confers with me that they are MUCH better frozen.
I discovered this one day long ago when I left a package of them in my car in the middle of another artic Minnesotan winter. The next morning they were frozen semi-hard, and lo and behold - much more tasty!
Only thing is you have to eat them straight away after removing them from the freezer as they start to thaw remarkably quickly!
I thought I was obcessed - then I did a google search and found this:

I think it's hilarious that someone has done 'peep reseach'

This is what happens to a peep frozen with liquid nitrogen for 60 seconds at -210C and then with 'gentle' pressure applied by a hammer, WOW you learn something new every day!


At 2:44 PM, Anonymous NiHao said...

I didn't realize Peeps had an expiration date and could go stale, they seem like the kind of food you could put into a bomb shelter and happily snack on ten years from now!

At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Helen said...

I am seriously missing out because I don't know what a Peep is! Clearly we don't have them here in Australia. Our Easter treat is the Cadbury Creme Egg which is the size of a real egg, made of very thick mild chocolate filled with yellow and white sugary cream. Absolutely delicious! Very rich though - you can only eat one.

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Monique said...

Helen you're not missing out on too much - they are just dense marshmellow in the shape of chicks covered in coloured sugar - yummy through!
Oh I LOVE Creme Eggs - I was so glad when they came out with the minature ones - those big ones are just too much sugar in one sitting - makes my teeth hurt!


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